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Welcome to Pathfinder

Pathfinder wishes to impart holistic education to the knowledge hungry minds. We continually respond to the upcoming changes in the field of education and incorporate them to the best of our abilities. We being the Leading science coaching centre in West Bengal striving to reach out to perfection through a diligent academic pursuit for excellence.

We further envision ourselves among the best coaching institute for IIT in West Bengal engaged in equipping students with knowledge and helping them understand their potentialities. Our goal is to become a nurturing ground for every student’s educational development, which will further make a remarkable change in the society.


I am a student of St Xavier’s, Raiganj and got the first rank in the 2017 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), 2017. I enrolled for the Pathfinder Foundation Course Programme in 2017 when I was in class VII. It helped me immensely in securing the first position in IMO. I am really thankful to Pathfinder for helping me achieve this success.

Swaprabha Dey

1st in International Mathematical Olympiad 2017-18

I, Ritwik Kumar Sahoo, achieved Rank AIR 13 in NEET-UG 2018 and have also achieved the 1st Rank among West Bengal students. I convey my sincerest respect and gratitude to my Tutors and the coaching staff. I also pay my respect to the Biology Teacher and convey my thanks to him for helping me with Pathfinder’s Mock Test for my NEET-UG preparation.

Ritwik Kumar Sahoo

NEET-UG , 1st in State , AIR 13

I am Archishman Saha, A student of Delhi Public School, Ruby Park Kolkata. I have secured Rank 3 WBJEE 2018 and Rank 485 JEE Advanced 2018. I have been a student of the PATHFINDER foundation course since class 7.This has really helped me to build the strong base for this achievement, Thank you PATHFINDER.

Archishman Saha

JEE Advanced 2018, AIR 485

My determination to qualify for the All India competitive examinations was fuelled when I joined Pathfinder. I have worked really hard, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Pathfinder to turn my dreams into reality. I have benefited from the knowledge imparted through the Special Classes, the Mock Tests and above all the top class faculties available in different disciplines. I will forever remain indebted to Pathfinder for my success.

Jayesh Shaw

2nd in State , AIR- 281 , JEE MAIN 2018

I am student of Delhi Public School, Ruby Park, Kolkata. I secured 3rd rank in WBJEE-2018 and achieved 485th position in All India Rankings (AIR) in JEE Advanced-2018. I have been a student of Pathfinder Foundation Course since Class VII. It has helped me develop a strong base and achieve these results. The teachers at Pathfinder have been really helpful and the Mock Tests have provided me the chance to get the real feel of the examinations.

Archishman Saha

3rd WBJEE 2018

As a two-year classroom student of Pathfinder (TAAT Batch), I have benefited tremendously from the expert guidance that I got from Pathfinder. The Study Materials, the Mock Tests and support, enriched my preparations. This enabled me to achieve 4th rank in WBJEE-2018. I am eternally grateful to Pathfinder for helping me accomplish my goals.

Subham Agarwal

4th in WBJEE 2018

As a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, I secured 98.6% in the CBSE 2017-18 examinations. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my parents, teachers and the guidance of Pathfinder. Without their support, the preparations would have really been strenuous. I had enrolled for the Pathfinder’s Mock Test programme in class X. I had appeared for both the ‘Pre Mock’ and ‘Mock’ Tests along with the doubt clearing sessions which contributed greatly to my success. The questions set were of very high standards and matched the quality of those that came in CBSE. Pathfinder’s evaluation helped me focus on my weak areas and helped me identify my Achilles heel. So thank you Pathfinder for helping me fulfil my dreams.

Ritayan Chakrabarti

CBSE X 2018 , 98.6%

I secured 97.8% in the CBSE Class XII Board examinations. I would definitely like to thank Pathfinder for the help it provided me in achieving this mark. Usually we tend to overlook what the Board exactly wants while we prepare for the exams. It is here where Pathfinder stepped in and helped me prepare properly. The Mock Tests, Model Question Papers and Sample Answers provided me with the inputs of writing correct answers in a proper manner. The Doubt Clearing sessions also gave me an edge over others as I was in a confident frame of mind while appearing for the exams. I would like to thank my parents, school teachers and Pathfinder as without their support, this result wouldn’t have been possible.

Arka Chatterjee

CBSE XII Board 2018 # Topper

The Mock Test Programme of Pathfinder which I had enrolled in has been really helpful for me. It has helped me in achieving what I have achieved today. It is really a proud and happy moment for me and everyone else who has been my friend, philosopher and guide in this journey.

Koel Mukherjee

ICSE 2018, 2nd in State, 4th AIR

With an overall 98.8% marks in ICSE, I secured an All India Ranking (AIR) of fourth and was second in West Bengal. It all was possible because of the guidance of Pathfinder. It is true that I always used to do well in school, but I had never expected such a result. So I am definitely indebted to Pathfinder. The Mock Tests were of great help as the questions were difficult and helped me prepare accordingly. Also the model answers of the Boards were mentioned. Thank You Pathfinder, it is because of the guidance and support I received, I could score well in ICSE.

Sagnik Banerjee

ICSE 2018, 2nd in State, 4th AIR

I secured 99.25% as a student of Modern English Academy, Barrackpore in ISC 2018. I managed to achieve this simply because of the guidance I received from Pathfinder after enrolling at their Dum Dum branch in 2018. The ISC test series conducted by Pathfinder contributed greatly to help me understand the new pattern implemented by the ISC Board. Pathfinder has helped me attain the goals which I always wanted to. Also I would like to thank god, my parents and all of my teachers who have been a constant source of positive vibes for me.

Joydeep Basu

ISC 2018, 2nd AIR

I stood first in Madhyamik-2018 with an aggregate of 689. The Mock Tests and Study Materials I got from Pathfinder contributed greatly to help me attain the goals I had set for myself. I have also enrolled for the TWO YEAR classroom programme for medical entrance examinations in Pathfinder. I am very happy with the programme, the study material and the support of the teachers I am getting. Thank You Pathfinder.

Sanjibani Debnath

1st , Madhyamik 2018

I, Saswata Roy, have got 3rd Rank in the H.S. examination, 2018. I have got 490 marks. I have been a student of Pathfinder since class VII.Pathfinder has helped me in numerous ways. Their Mock Tests have helped me to rectify mistakes and reach excellence. Teachers have helped me to clear my doubts. Besides parents, teachers and friends I owe my success to Pathfinder.

Saswata Roy

3rd , H.S. 2018

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