Two Years Classroom & Test Programme (Medical)

| NEET |With Complete Board Support

Pathfinder’s 2-year Classroom Programme for NEET for Class X appearing students commences from April, 2017. The programme is meticulously designed to guide the hardworking and sincere students towards achieving the ultimate success in Class XII Board and Competitive Exams.


Class Schedule:

For 2-yr.NEET Physics, Chemistry, Zoology & Botany Weekdays/Weekends


All Boards-XI & XII (Science) Board Support Material and Unit & Mock Test Programme for Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

For the past 25 years, Pathfinder has been proving that if any student follows our Test Programme meticulously, he/she shall be prepared for every question in their final exam.


The Non-Classroom Programme offers the student all the relevant study material and the student will give all the necessary tests. All question papers are prepared by faculty members with years of experience in the same field. Answer sheets are assessed by examiners of the same field. Entire syllabus is given to students for preparation. Students are provided with model answers for all the tests strictly as per the latest norms. In doubt-clearing classes students clear their doubts and unsolved problems. Interactive Seminars with audio-visual support by top teachers teach the correct answering techniques.

The course can be pursued without the study material also. In this case, the student will prepare with his/her study material and will appear for all the necessary mock tests. Complete guidance will be given to the student

1st yr. (XI)
3 sets Unit Test (Part Syllabus)
3 sets Phase Test (Part Syllabus)
2 sets Mock Test (Full Syllabus)

2nd yr. (XII)
3 sets Unit Test (Part Syllabus)
3 sets Phase Test (Part Syllabus)
9 sets Mock Test (Full Syllabus)