Why Pathfinder


Our teaching process differs from any other science coaching centres in Kolkata as we believe that teaching is the craftsmanship of assisting discovery. We consider involvement of the student important, as it is sheer involvement which helps the student learn.We aim to equip the knowledge thirsty brains of the country with an impeccable know-how. Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.


Motivational Classes
To comfort the students in times of stress and pressure, we conduct motivational classes periodically.

Student Welfare Department

Student Welfare Department caters to the co-academic needs of all the students. This makes Pathfinder not merely an educational institute that provides coaching classes in Kolkata, but a place of academic mentoring where faculties and the personnel are executing the role of academic parent of all the students. The department is headed by the senior personnel. E-Counselling through Skype is also available at the center for all outstation students.

Guidance and Counselling Zone
The Department of Guidance and Counselling helps the students beyond class activities like the information regarding best available courses, colleges and universities across the country. Regular career counselling sessions are being arranged by the institutions where eminent guest speakers are guiding the students.

Alumni Club
Pathfinder is doing a formidable task of bringing all the ex-students onto a common platform called the Alumni Club. Today, thousands of Pathfinder Alumni members are leaders across the globe as true global citizens as successful professionals in the best of organizations. The regular Alumni meet and fellowship buildings are the routine activities of the alumni club. The Club is headed by a Senior Professional at Pathfinder.

Debut classes (Introduction classes)
We make sure we comfort the new students by the debut classes where they get to interact and know the others well. It also helps students to bridge the gap in-between the previous knowledge and the content they are about to learn. Well experienced faculty are providing all support and moral boost to the new comers so that they are well acquainted with the system for the best results. These classes are very helpful and fruitful for the late joinees.


The objective of doubt clearing classes is to provide additional attention and care to the students as no other coaching centre in Kolkata will provide. It helps those students who couldn’t understand a concept at first which is now affecting their performance. It will also help those students who hesitate to ask/discuss their doubts in the classroom because of their shyness and their past academic environment.In fact doubt clearing class is a one to one discussion forum between the student and the teacher. It is a regular facility available at the centers throughout the academic session for all the classes. These classes also serve as a good platform to cover up on the lost syllabus.

Doubt Clearing ClassesIn these Classes Students are proactive while asking questions to the top notch faculties. The Classes are based on one – to – one basis exclusively in the mode of problem solving method. This is the prime responsibility of all the centre in-charges to arrange regular doubt clearing classes in there centres for all the subjects. Classes are generally arranged before or after the routine classes. Subject wise special workshop and seminars are also the routine part of academics where the eminent faculties are providing all major information, tips and tricks and specific techniques to crack the high end of professional examination.


Smooth System

  • Highly qualified and well trained teaching staff.
  • Well laid set of rules.
  • A properly outlined academic calendar.
  • Strict implementation of the calendar.

Teaching is the craftsmanship of assisting discovery

  • Holistic preparation and result-oriented teaching methodology.
  • Exhaustive and appropriately scrutinized study material.
  • One-on-one session for students to clear their doubts.
  • Supplementary classes.

Pathfinder Ambience

  • Incorporation of the advanced technology.
  • Timely execution of the course calendar.
  • Nail biting competition within the institute which encourages the student to work harder.
  • Welcoming behavior and benevolence on part of the faculty members.

Miraculous Results

  • In ISC 2012, 200+ students scored over 90%.
  • In ICSE 2012, 130+ students scored above 95%.
  • In CBSE X 2012, 50 students scored CGPA 10 and 172 scored CGPA above 9.
  • Madhyamik 2012, 416+ students scored more than 90%.

In Interest of the Student

  • Parent Teacher Meetings to inform the parents about the student’s progress.
  • Counselling sessions to help the student overcome their difficulties.
  • Doubt clearing classes for the students who have not understood a particular topic.
  • Audio visual classes for bringing about clarity in difficult portions.