Engg 1yr Test Programme

Engg 1yr Test Programme

Course Description

Pathfinder’s unique One year test program is designed in such a way that students can achieve ultimate success in the Competitive Exams- JEE-Main & Advanced, WBJEE, KVPY, Olympiads.

PATHFINDER is probably the only Institute where students after every Exam get to learn the Best Answering Technique of all questions from the Paper Setter. Students also learn the right approach and method to solve the questions in the shortest time. Thus, Students will observe rapid growth in their performance through the Test Programs.
We believe “Practice is not enough, Practice only under the right Guidance leads to Ultimate Success”. So, Give your Sincere Effort- We Guarantee Your Success.

Virtual Class :- Virtual classes will be provided by Our Expert Faculty to discuss analytically every question of the entire question paper for all subjects. They will further highlight the common mistakes committed by the students and highlighting the key words to be mentioned in an answer.

Examination Schedule :- :
Unit Test : 3 Sets of Test (Part Syllabus)

Phase Test : 3 Sets of Test (Part Syllabus)- JEE-Main
1 Set of Test (full Syllabus of Class XII) – JEE-Advanced

Mock Test : 3 Sets of Test for JEE-Main (Full Syllabus)
5 Sets of Test for JEE-Advanced (Full Syllabus)

Duration :- :-12 Month.

Course Fee :- :

Rs.16,200 /- (Excluding GST)

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