MadhyamikClassroom Program for students of Class VIII, IX and X is one of the major sources of the future Toppers of Pathfinder. The program is meticulously designed to build the foundation of the students and prepare them for ultimate success in Board Examinations. Our expertise lies in transforming average students to excellent performers and good students to Toppers.

Pathfinder’s pragmatic approach is an ideal model to strengthen the fundamentals and basic concepts of a student in Class VIII, IX and X. It includes concept based and result oriented teaching, audio – visual group discussions, critical question solving, micro level analysis to create interest and instilling global competence in our budding achievers.

A committed team of over 100 specialist faculty with extensive experience in Madhyamik Board are continuously carrying out effective research, analyzing question pattern and scientifically preparing the students to become Board Toppers. Little wonder, for the last three decades, EVERY YEAR, around 35 to 40 Pathfinder students have been constantly present among the top 10 Madhyamik Rankers while thousands of students have been securing more than 95% marks.

MADHYAMIK Classroom Programme

(For Students of Class VIII, IX and X)

Teaching Methodology

  • Lecture Plan: The Academic Board of Pathfinder, systematically analyses the syllabus of various School and Board and develops a Lecture Plan for an academic year with the schedule of Class Tests, Unit Tests and Mock Tests.
  • Specialist Faculty: Specialized subject-wise Faculty guide and nurture the students so that they avail the in-depth knowledge and essence of a particular subject — this, in turn creates their interest in a subject. If a student is not able to follow a particular topic in a class, the relevant Teacher explain the topic on a one-on-one basis with the student.
  • Home Assignment: To enhance the problem-solving ability and intelligence level of the students, Home Assignments are provided to every student after completion of each chapter. These, in turn, are corrected by the faculty members with their expert comments.
  • Tests – Class Tests, Unit Tests and Mock Tests: Regular tests are conducted to monitor the knowledge acquired by the students throughout the year. Tests, like Monthly Class Tests, Unit Tests and Mock Tests are offered to all classroom students. Model answers are provided after the tests — this act as a guide to the students for right answering methods to score the highest marks in the Board exams.
  • Performance Analysis: Performance Assessment and Appraisal are conducted regularly through evaluation of Home Assignments and various Tests. This helps the teacher to take necessary corrective action through remedial classes and special support to individual students.
  • Remedial Classes: Additional classes are provided to need-based students for further clarification of their doubts. In addition since different schools follow different schedule of the syllabus, these remedial classes act as a help to the student.
  • Summer Camp: During Summer Vacation special classes are provided to the students of Class IX & X for enhancement of their school and Board syllabus.

Digital Support

  • Power-Point-Presentation: Our Specialist Faculty team conduct classes on important topics of specific subjects through Power Point Presentation that helps the students get a clear conceptual knowledge of the chapters.
  • Virtual Class: The students will be provided with Virtual Doubt Discussion classes after the Tests. In these classes the Paper Setters will discuss and explain the entire question paper of all subjects. This enables the students to clear their doubts. This also guides them to rectify their mistakes and technically answer the question as per Board norms.

Parent-Teachers Meet

The two vital guides of students are their parents and their teacher. They are the best judges of the student’s advancement, his/her shortcomings and his/her academic requirement as well as his/her liking or disliking for the various subject. It is therefore essential that the parents and teachers meet from time to time and share their opinions and views. At Pathfinder, the Parent-Teacher meet is conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the students get the best support — at home and in Pathfinder.

Capsule Classroom Programme

7- Day Capsule Classroom Programme is a Suggestive, Assignment- based guidance for ultimate success for all Madhyamik aspirants.

It is 35 hours Classroom Programme.

  • Course Duration: 1 week (7 days).
  • Time per subject: 5 hours.
  • In-depth guidance on topics chosen by our experts
  • Success Material for Final Revision
    • Practice Test Paper
    • Home Assignments

Examination Schedule of class VIII, IX and X (2019-’20)


UNIT-I 25th March’19 — 27th March’19
UNIT-II 20th May’19 — 22th May’19
HALF YEARLY 5th August’19 — 9th August’19
ANNUAL 30th October’19 — 5th November’19


UNIT-I 25th March’19 — 28th March’19
UNIT-II 20th May’19 — 23rd May’19
HALF YEARLY 5th August’19 — 14th August’19
ANNUAL 30th October’19 — 7th November’19


UNIT TEST 20th May’19 — 23rd May’19
PRE MOCK 5th August’19 — 14th August’19
MOCK TEST-I 16 October’19 — 24th October’19
MOCK TEST-II 4th December’19 — 12th Dec’19
MOCK TEST-III 2nd January’19 — 10th January’19

Tentative CAPSULE CLASSROOM PROGRAMME Schedule (for class – X) 16th December’19 onwards