(For External Students of Class VIII, IX and X)

Class VIII & IX

  • Unit Tests
  • Half- Yearly Test
  • Annual Test

Class X

  • Unit Test
  • Pre- Mock Test
  • Mock Tests

Pathfinder’s Madhyamik Test programme is regarded by the student community of West Bengal as the most comprehensive and essential preparation tool for Madhyamik Board Exam.

Question Papers are prepared by Expert faculty members with years of experience in Madhyamik level. The faculty team prepare these question papers after extensive research of the patterns and norms of the Board. Answer sheets are assessed by Experts of Madhyamik Board. Students are provided with detailed Model Answers for all the examinations prepared strictly as per latest Madhyamik norms. In doubt-clearing classes, students clear their doubts and unsolved problems individually from respective subject teacher. Virtual Classes are conducted after each exam. Capsule Programme is offered to external students for special classroom guidance.


  • Suggestive Question Papers: The question papers of the Mock Tests are being prepared exactly as per Madhyamiksyllabus and specifically keeping the new question pattern in mind.
  • Assessment of Answer Sheets: Answer sheets are assessed by a team of eminent teachers, with wide experience as Madhyamik examiners. The answer sheets are evaluated as per the latest Examiners’ instructions of the Madhyamik Board.
  • Model Answers: Model answers for the programme are prepared, strictly as per the guidelines of Madhyamik Board, by a select group of highly reputed teachers. Indeed, these ‘MODEL’ answers help the students to learn the ‘best’ answers for all questions and help them to score maximum marks in Board examinations.
  • Doubt Clearing Classes: Another important feature is our Doubt Clearing classes where students can clear their doubts regarding their mistakes. Moreover they get to know the correct answering techniques from teachers on a one-on-one basis. These classes are conducted after each set of Mock Test.
  • Practice Test Paper: Practice Test paper and detailed solutions are prepared by a team of renowned and sought-after faculty members with years of experience at Madhyamik Board level for Class-X students.
  • Seminar and Special Instructions: Another notable feature is an exclusive Discussion and Audio-Visual Seminar that has been receiving overwhelming response from students and parents. The program is conducted through a multimedia presentation and inter-active session. Students get subjectwise guidance and special instructions on answering techniques and methods. This helps them to improve their speed and writing skill.

A never-before initiative by Pathfinder

After each Mock Test, Paper Setters will conduct Virtual Classes to discuss analytically every question of the entire question paper for all subjects. They will further explain:

  • If any particular question may be framed with a different approach.
  • Fora particular question, what are the common mistakes committed by the Students.

These Virtual Classes are a MUST for all Madhyamik 2019 Students.

Subjects Offered

For Class- VIII- subjects offered are Mathematics; Physical Science; Life Science; English grammar and Bengali grammar.

For Class- IX- subjects offered are: Mathematics; Physical Science; Life Science; English (2nd Language); Bengali/ Hindi (1st Language); History and Geography.

For Class-X- subjects offered are: Mathematics; Physical Science; Life Science; English (2nd Language); Bengali/ Hindi (1st Language); History and Geography. In addition ONLY at the time of Mock Tests we also offer the subjects English (1st Language) and Bengali(2nd Language).

Examination Schedule of class VIII, IX and X (2019-’20)


UNIT-I 25th March’19 — 27th March’19
UNIT-II 20th May’19 — 22th May’19
HALF YEARLY 5th August’19 — 9th August’19
ANNUAL 30th October’19 — 5th November’19


UNIT-I 25th March’19 — 28th March’19
UNIT-II 20th May’19 — 23rd May’19
HALF YEARLY 5th August’19 — 14th August’19
ANNUAL 30th October’19 — 7th November’19


UNIT TEST 20th May’19 — 23rd May’19
PRE MOCK 5th August’19 — 14th August’19
MOCK TEST-I 16 October’19 — 24th October’19
MOCK TEST-II 4th December’19 — 12th Dec’19
MOCK TEST-III 2nd January’19 — 10th January’19

Tentative CAPSULE CLASSROOM PROGRAMME Schedule (for class – X) 16th December’19 onwards