An Overview

The history of PATHFINDER dates back to more than three decade. Initially the mission is to cultivate students of this soil, having the aspirations of becoming engineer or doctor. So far we have contributed success for many, in state & national level competitive examination, and still counting. The mission once started in the year 1991 has taken a different dimension with changing times. Today in pursuit of cracking competitive examination, a student has to endure study of SCIENCE with a detailed approach, different from insignificant or factual study, a student normally undergo in their regular curriculum, which is not enough to accomplish success. In 21st Century we have witnessed a sea change in preparation of a student, aspiring to succeed in State and National level Competitive Examination such as IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER to name few. In fact majority of the southern INDIAN states are emerging as the most successful, as compared to the state like ours. Bengal in the past had a very rich legacy in the field of art and education, but by the end of 19th century the success which we were once known for, has virtually diminished to a position of nonexistence, in spite having the best, and the first of our country, an IIT institute in Kharagpur in the heart of Bengal. The true fact is we are not able to secure chairs for our meritorious students to study there. The BIG question remains why……..?? The quest to succeed at the national level competitive examination remains very much within our heart and minds, thus at PATHFINDER we took up the task of searching talents within the State and across the Nation, by initiating a program in the year 2011 “PATHFINDER NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAM” or PNTSE, followed by a platform of learning with the time, from class VII through Foundation course, a common syllabus till class X. START EARLY & STAY AHEAD, giving a solid foundation to students willing to pursue SCIENCE and to match the competencies required to face the challenges of cracking national level competitive examinations. The question to the above is simple that we do not push our children to study what rest of the states has adopted, that is preparation from class VI or may be VII, in courses like FOUNDATION. A learning methodology in which we are now, known to be a pioneer in Bengal, strengthening the basic of science from the beginning of class VIIth. Come join the mission “EMBRACE SUCCESS, BEGINNING WITH A PENCIL”.

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