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    Simple Hacks to Handle Stress and Anxiety before JEE Main

    Apr 13 2022 | by Author Pathfinder

    With JEE-Main just around the corner, most of you might be feeling the stress getting the better of you. After all, it is one of the toughest examinations of your life and will be an acid test for your months (or years of preparation). So, the simplest solution that you can conjure is to stretch yourself to the limits and study the hardest in this period.

    We have always heard that hard work has no substitute and the same holds for JEE main as well. But, you also need a smart strategy, belief in yourself and a stress-free mind to breakthrough. Here are some simple hacks that can help your remain stress-free while acing the exams.

    Prepare a Revision Timetable

    It is very important to prepare a revision timetable to make maximum use of the available time. The timetable will help you pay attention to all subjects. Besides, it helps to set a rhythm in your preparation and helps you get the maximum benefits out of your efforts.

    Set Aside Time for Meditation

    It is essential to set aside time for yoga/ meditation and exercise in your daily routine. These activities can help rejuvenate your body and mind- improving your concentration, comprehension, and memorizing capabilities.

    Study in Short Bursts

    Studying in short bursts is often more effective than staring at the same topic for long hours. This strategy helps you concentrate more and also boosts your comprehension and learning capabilities.

    Eat Healthy and Have Quality Sleep

    To ace JEE or any competitive exams, you need a healthy body and a balanced mind. And food and sleep are indispensable parameters to achieve them. Eating sporadically or binge eating can make you unhealthy- negatively affecting your productivity.

    Quality sleep is also important to refresh your body and mind and keep it sane. Sleep deprivation can negatively impact your concentration level, cognitive ability, and ability to remember things.

    Have the Right Study Material

    Having the right study material is vital for JEE-main success. The study materials are prepared by experts and cover the concept in depth. These days there are several offline and online study materials available. For example, you can rely on Pathfinder study materials which are well-researched and easy to follow.

    Attempt Mock Tests

    By attempting time-bound mock tests you get a feel of the real exam. This is similar to cricketers having net practice sessions before the actual game. Mock tests can help gauge your standings and get exam ready. It can also serve as an objective basis to grade your improvement over time.

    Learn Time Management

    Managing time is the key to success in JEE-Main. Without proper time-management skills, you will end up spending too much time on some questions and leaving others out. To learn and practice time-management skills, you can attempt mock tests and previous year’s question papers.

    Final words

    JEE Main is undoubtedly one of the toughest exams you will ever face. To ace, you need to remain stress-free and give your 100% effort, dedication and concentration. The above simple hacks can help you remain stress-free during your preparation journey.

    Most importantly remember that any exam cannot be the judge of your capabilities or your ability to succeed in life. So, have confidence in your abilities and attempt the exam to the best of your ability.

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