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    Technology’s Role in Maintaining Learning-Continuum During Covid-19 Pandemic

    Feb 07 2022 | by Author Pathfinder

    A lot has been said about the disruptive effects of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns. Yes, the pandemic has indeed spelled disaster for many industries like the travel and tourism industry. It has also pushed many businesses to the red.

    But, while focussing our attention on the negatives, we often tend to overlook the pandemic-induced digital disruption. Yes, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst to accelerate the pace of digital disruption in many industries including education. And, in the following pages, we will look at how this has happened.

     Education industry before the pandemic

     Before the pandemic, most of the traditional education was confined within the classroom. But, things were also changing rapidly. As per world economic forum estimates, the global edtech investments reached US$18.66 Bn in 2019.

     But as like most other industries, the change was slow and also, gradual. Also, the spread of technology in the education sector was not uniform. But things suddenly changed with the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic.

     Education industry after the Pandemic

     UN says that the pandemic caused the greatest disruption in the history of education. By the mid of April 2020, the pandemic affected about 94% of worldwide learners. Putting into perspective, about 1.58 billion children and youth from 200 nations suddenly found themselves out of school.

     Ideally, this would have meant a stoppage of education. But, this did not happen. With school closures being the norm across the world, online education stepped in as the savior. The pandemic led to a significant surge in the usage of digital tools.

     Language apps, video conferencing tools, online learning software, virtual tutoring, stepped up to plug the void created by the absence of physical schools. Together, these technologies helped maintain the learning continuum during the Covid-19 pandemic.

     What does the future hold?

     The experts are divided on what the future holds for learning. Some believe that the rapid shift to online learning will result in a poor user experience. This will act as a deterrent in fueling the further spread of online learning post the pandemic.

     On the contrary, others believe that online learning has paved the possibility for new blended learning in the future. This new model will offer immense benefits. However, although we do not know for certain what the future holds, one thing is certain.

     The investments in the edtech sectors are likely to continue or even accelerate in light of the pandemic. It is estimated that going further, the investment in the tech sector will likely continue and reach about $350 bn by 2025.

     How Pathfinder is playing a key role in this change?

     Pathfinder has always believed in adopting a holistic approach to training. That is why it has adopted a 360 -degree learning methodology wherein it uses online, offline, and hybrid models. By playing a pioneering role in this area we have been able to offer the best results for our students.

     Our teachers have played the role of a facilitator in this change by combining years of experience with advancements in technology. Want to know more? Browse now

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