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    The Secret Tips to Crack JEE-Advanced

    Apr 05 2022 | by Author Pathfinder

    The JEE-Advanced is undoubtedly one of the toughest exams you will ever face in your student life. The ultra-competitive exam will test the mettle of the most well prepared. Yes, there is no denying that you have to work hard to crack it. But blind hard work without a clear strategy will lead you nowhere.

    Blind hard work without a strategy can be akin to trying to move a huge boulder for a whole day without displacement. So, instead of hard work, what you need to do is smart work. Having a clear strategy with dedicated discipline is the mantra for successfully cracking JEE-Advanced.

    If you have been yearning for such a strategy, then this blog is for you. In the following paragraphs, we will present the secret cheat sheet that will unlock the gates of success in JEE-advanced for you. So, let’s begin-

    1. Prepare a Plan

    Planning is important for achieving anything. Similarly, the first step towards conquering JEE Advanced is to prepare a plan. The first part of creating the plan is drafting a daily schedule.

    To conquer any arena, you must first know the terrain like the back of your hand. The saying stands for JEE advanced exams as well. You should take the time to go through the syllabus. Understand the exam pattern, and get familiar with weights. Quality study materials from Pathfinder can help in preparation.

    You should also, scan the syllabus and identify topics that need extra attention. Converting your weaknesses into strengths is akin to winning half the battle. Thus, in your study plan make these topics a priority and devote extra attention to them. After drafting the study plan stick to it and address your problem areas.

    1. No shortcuts

    While some topics deserve special attention, you should be careful not to skip any topic. In MCQ questions all topics will likely be covered. There will even be intermingling of topics in certain questions. Therefore, you shouldn’t skip any topic covered in the syllabus.

    1. Managing time

    If you are aiming for success, following a disciplined regime is important. Instead of spending time on your whims, you should have a definite plan. Analyze the time spent on daily activities and accordingly develop the perfect timetable for organizing your study. With a proper timetable, you will be able to cover the entire syllabus and perform revisions as well.

    1. Have Basic Concepts in Grip

    Grab all information that you can find about the syllabus and prepare accordingly. For building a foundation, there is no substitute for NCERT books. You can additionally browse through different study materials offered by Pathfinder to delve deeper.

    The Pathfinder app also assists you to learn anywhere and anytime and offers simple and intuitive topic presentations.

    1. Solve mock-tests and previous years’ papers

    For conquering any time-bound competitive exam, the most essential skill that you should possess is time management. Without proper time management skills, you will have to skip several questions.

    The best way to conquer time is to have a definite strategy. Make a plan on how you will go about tackling the question paper. To maximize your scores, you need to ensure a 100% hit rate (answer only those negative-marking MCQs you are 100% confident about).

    Then be battle-ready by sitting for countless mock tests. The mock tests will put your knowledge and time-management skills to the test. Pathfinder’s mock test series is a good point to start your preparation.

    You can also solve previous years’ papers to understand the exam pattern, gain confidence, increase speed and accuracy, and hone time management skills.

    1. Eat well and stay fit

    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”- the saying holds for all students preparing for competitive exams. It is essential to exercise, eat healthily, and have good quality sleep to boost your energy, and tenacity, and learn better.

    Body fitness is essential for conquering JEE or any other competitive exams. So, you should never ignore this aspect while preparing.

    Final words

    JEE Advanced is one of the toughest exams you will face in life. But, with a proper plan and discipline, you can conquer JEE with ease. Consider the above pointers to help you in your journey.

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