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    The Simple Guide to Choosing the Best School for Your Kid

    Jun 29 2022 | by Author Pathfinder

    Every parent wants to see their kids become successful in life. But, the path to success begins with solid education. And it is the school which offers quality education to the kids. A good school also plays a role in the character building of the kids.


    This is why, Indian culture has always highly praised the role of teacher. The great saint philosopher Kabir has placed teachers at a higher pedestal than even gods. So, it is quintessential for you as a parent to select a great school for your kid.


    Such a school should help prepare their character, make them achieve success, and get them future-ready. So, what are the factors you should consider? This simple guide is designed to offer answers to this most pertinent question. Let’s begin


    Guide to Choosing the Best School




    Curriculum followed by the school is a very important criteria during school selection. Schools can follow different curriculum including those developed by state and national boards. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.


    But while enrolling your kid in either of these schools, you have to offer him separate coaching for the competitive exams. With all his time occupied in studies, he might not find any time for self-development. And as you know, all study with no play can inhibit their mental growth.


    But, there is a solution. A new breed of integrated schools have developed and follow a curriculum that integrates the syllabus of boards and competitive exams. This helps your kid ace in both the avenues while leaving him with ample time to pursue other activities as well.


    Co-curricular activities


    We live in an ultra competitive digital world that is changing at a rapid pace. Mere subject knowledge is not enough to ace in this era. One also needs to be creative, nimble, and a team player, to come out with flying colors.


    To develop these qualities in your kid, he or she needs equal exposure to co-curricular activities. Thus the school you select should also encourage and offer opportunities for the students to participate in hobby classes, performing arts, outdoor games, etc. Afterall, it is the perfect blend of curricula and co-curricula that can drive your child on the right path.


    Student-Teacher ratio


    In a huge batch of students, it becomes difficult for the teacher to give full attention to everyone. Thus, the teacher is often not able to take extra care for the development of a child. This is why the student to teacher ratio should be at the optimal level.


    A lower ratio facilitates more interaction between the kid and the teacher and helps him ask questions, clear concepts and participate in class discussions. So, the school you select should have a low student: teacher ratio.


    Style of Teaching and Learning


    Each child learns in their unique way. So, does the school and the teacher recognize this and follow a customized teaching approach for each kid? This is another essential question that you should consider before selecting a school.


    Final Words


    School is an essential part in an individual’s life. It is the place where an individual spends about 12-13 years in their lives. Therefore, the school plays a major role in shaping their lives, characters and getting them future ready.


    This makes it all the more important for you to select the best school for your kid. While sieving through the schools you can follow the factors given above. By choosing an integrated school you can keep your kid ahead of the rest.


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