• Which is the best Pathfinder centre?

    Each centre is carbon copy of another. We believe in uniformity when it comes to the branches of our institute. The faculty all over the country is laboriously selected through a very rigorous process which remains constant

  • Do you provide the study material?

    Yes, we have ourscience coaching centre in West Bengaland provide all the necessary study materials. Our faculty members come up with the best possible study material. We keep making fundamental changes to the syllabus. The study material is encyclopedic enough to give the needed competitive edge to the students. It is extremely comprehensive and is designed in such a fashion that it makes the theory clear and effortless.

  • What are the languages used in Pathfinder?

    The prime language spoken here to teach and communicate is English, but we do use Hindi at times, if needed.

  • Do you have full-time or part-time faculty?

    We do not believe in hiring part time teaching faculty. We have all full-time teachers as it strengthens the cord between the teacher and the student. The teacher can be versed with the students. After diagnosing their weak points, they can work over it and assist them in being impeccable. The students can have an access to the teachers throughout the day.

  • How do the parents know about their child’s growth?

    It is of vital importance for us to keep the parents informed about the child’s performance. To ensure the same we invite the parents to meet the faculty concerned. Parents can motivate their child and can also keep a track of their child’s progress.

  • Is attendance taken in the class?

    We have attendance taken in every class. It is maintained very religiously. If a student misses out on too many classes without the consent of the institution, severe actions are taken against them. Students missing out on tests have to appear for supplementary tests. Indifferent and irresponsible attitude will not be entertained. This will lead to termination or cancellation of admission of the student by the authorities.

  • Why should we opt for Pathfinder?

    The precise and immaculate system of education we follow, coupled with our eminently conducive classroom infrastructure, make us unparalleled to other institutions. The highly skilled teachers, the relevant study material, the friendly environment along with the motivational classes to inspire the students add feathers to our hat.

  • Are you preparing the students separately for CBSE or State Board studies?

    The preparation at Pathfinder is based on NCERT syllabus so during the course of providing JEE coaching in Kolkata, most of the school syllabus gets automatically covered. Towards the end of the course we also conduct English and Hindi classes which cover the student’s syllabus entire board syllabus.

  • What is the qualification of your faculty members?

    The Faculty members are an excellent brew of experience, endurance and conviction to sharpen the craft required to crack IIT-JEE. Faculty members consist IITians and remaining are Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Tech. / B.E. from reputed colleges / universities.

  • How should I manage my school as well as Pathfinder studies?

    The Pathfinder syllabus will not interfere with the academic syllabus as the syllabus of JEE is based on NCERT syllabus and the class 11th & 12th syllabus is also based on NCERT so you can also prepare your school studies along with pathfinder studies.

  • What is the material by Pathfinder provided to the students?

    We provide the following –

        Study material
        Class Notes
  • What is the holiday schedule of your institute?

    We provide holidays on national festivals, Durga Puja and others.