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    • Team
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    • Innovative Teaching Methodology
    • Right Environment for learning
    • Going Beyond Teaching
    • Systemic Management

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    • Franchisee Advantages

    About Us

    Pathfinder Educational Centre is a leading educational institute in eastern India that provides comprehensive test preparatory services to students preparing for both Competitive exams and Board exams such as Engineering and Medical entrance exams, school/board exams, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads and other Foundation level exams. We have 40+ centres in West Bengal and 5+ centres in outside Bengal.

    Pathfinder backed by India’s top-notch academicians with deep rooted understanding of the test preparation industry and a compelling passion to nurture next-generation talent. Our flagship services are JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, WBJEE, KVPY, Foundation programme and Board preparation like Madhyamik, ICSE, CBSE-X, HS, ISC & CBSE-XII.

    Our Mission

    To nurture students to achieve success in their academic pursuits. To encourage parents to participate with the school authorities in decision making partnerships.To provide most eminent teachers for improving student performance, through quality teaching and their commitment to offer guidance and mentoring.

    Our Vision

    To develop and transform young minds into worthy citizens of a global society.To create an institution where students can learn, grow and prosper.To guide students to acquire and demonstrate skills and knowledge that will support them throughout their lives.

    The Journey

    Pathfinder was established three decades ago with a small number of students but with a big dream — a dream to impart holistic education to the students of Eastern India and help them in building a successful professional career through outstanding academic performance.

    Today that dream has turned into a reality. After setting new benchmarks for success, year after year,  Pathfinder is now regarded as the No. 1 Institute in Eastern India for guiding students in Competitive exams like JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET-UG, AIIMS, WBJEE, Olympiads, NTSE and KVPY as well as in all class X and XII Board exams like CBSE (X & XII), ICSE, ISC, Madhyamik and H.S.

    After three decades of creating excellence in the domain of education, Pathfinder now looks forward to offering yet more opportunities and helping the students to turn their aspirations into reality.

    The Team

    Pathfinder is led by a team of spirited young professionals who firmly believe that education driven via conceptual clarity will bring the interest in any subject and that will bring the next wave of growth in the Country.

    Chairman’s Message

    Success does not mean the absence of failure; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. Pathfinder was founded in 1991 with one objective — To spread the spirit of success through education among the students of West Bengal and Eastern India. In the last three decades, we have established the name of Pathfinder beyond Eastern India – across the country.

    Today Pathfinder is more than just a coaching institute in West Bengal.It is , in the true sense , a place for mentoring students for prestigious professional examinations like JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET-UG, WBJEE, AIIMS, BITSAT, IISc, KVPY among others.

    Furthermore, in the last two decades, the performance of the West Bengal students in national level exams was quite dismal. After exclusive research and extensive analyses, we have taken two important steps. Firstly, we are grooming young students from class VII onward by providing integrated Science courses to compete successfully for NTSE, NSEJS, Olympiads as well as KVPY and All-India Engineering and Medical entrance exams in subsequent academic years.

    Secondly, we have completely overhauled our teaching methodology. A team of Specialist teachers have developed an integrated guidance programme after extensive research and analysis of the various courses.This helps our students to come out with Top Ranks in National level Competitive exams as well as Board exams.

    At Pathfinder,we are proud to say “Transforming average students to achieve excellence is our habit”. We have a long way to go before we achieve our goal of being the Topmost educational group in the country. I also vow that we shall not rest on our laurels till we achieve our objective of making the dreams of our students come true.

    My heartiest welcome to all our newly joined students in Pathfinder – you are our future, you are our pride.

    Mr. Debdutta Sreemany

    Innovative Teaching Methodology

    • Holistic preparation and result-oriented teaching methodology.
    • Exhaustive and appropriately scrutinized study material.
    • Exhaustive and appropriately scrutinized study material.
    • One-on-one session for students to clear their doubts.
    • Supplementary classes.

    Right Environment for learning

    • Specialist faculty with enviable experience and track record.
    • Incorporation of the advanced technology.
    • Competition within the institute which encourages the student to work harder.
    • One-on-one session for students to clear their doubts.
    • Timely execution of the course calendar.

    Going Beyond Teaching

    • Parent-teacher Meetings to inform the parents about the student’s progress.
    • Counselling sessions and Motivational classes to help the student overcome stress, pressure and other difficulties.
    • Encouraging good students to achieve more.
    • Supporting weaker students to do better.

    Systemic Management

    • Highly qualified and well trained teaching staff.
    • Professional administrators and Counselors.
    • A well-laid feedback system for timely student support.
    • One-on-one session for students to clear their doubts.
    • Strict implementation of the academic calendar.

    Franchise Information

    We thank you for showing interest in PATHFINDER products.  PATHFINDER is the leading Institute in Eastern India , providing quality guidance to the students for cracking exams like JEE(Main & Adv.) , NEET, WBJEE (Engg) , and extending support for Board Exams as well.

    Why should students or parents consider choosing PATHFIDNER?

    1. Our Success Mantra: Our ‘Tailor-Made Teaching Methodologies’, expert guidance and result-oriented mentoring supplemented by requisite quality study material and practice test series with regular evaluation, are our success mantras.
    2. Integrated Study Material: Our ‘Study Material’ is conceptually designed, which caters to the competitive as well as academic needs of the students. It is a perfect blend of information, analysis, and focused inputs that ensure success.
    3. Trained & Competent Faculty: We recruit competent teachers through multiple rounds of tests and interviews. After all the new recruits are trained and fully equipped with teaching skills and have gained enough confidence; they are assigned batches to teach.
    4. Teaching Methodology: The teaching methodology we follow always helps students clear their fundamental concepts in a practicable manner. This technique enables the students to grasp the subject matter in a fast, easy and tricky way so that they could solve maximum questions in minimum time in the actual examination. In addition, this technique sharpens the mental ability of the students.
    5. Competitive Environment: Our competent and committed faculties have created a competitive environment among the students over the years and have been consistently producing excellent results year after year.
    6. Effective Time Management: Entire syllabus is covered extensively and completed well in time, thereby saving sufficient time for revision, tests and doubt clearing sessions. This effective time management technique is conducive to students and helps improve their score.
    7. Doubt Clearing Sessions: These sessions aim to make all the concepts crystal clear to each and every student, thereby leaving no room for any doubt. Specific arrangement of subject-wise efficient teachers facilitates the students and encourages them to ask problems and difficulties faced by them.
    8. Assessments: We conduct regular tests, designed on the latest patterns of the entrance examinations to assess the real preparation level of students. This helps streamline their preparation ensuring their success.
    9. Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM): PTM is conducted to keep the parents updated with absenteeism and performance of their wards.
    10. Scientific Learning: Aiming to facilitate the students for optimum learning, Pathfinder has created Pathfinder-SCOPE – the combination of classroom learning and self-study. This is a tablet based one-stop learning solution, which makes students learn more in less time. It is a time saving device that has proved to be a boon for students preparing for competitive as well as board exams.

    Brand value of Pathfinder

    Pathfinder being a recognised brand in the test preparatory services helps and supports student to make a move in the evolving test preparatory Industry and assist in aiming at their goals. With Pathfinder comes its brand value along with the well tested business model and a whole lot of additional advantages like:

    • Association with a powerful and strong brand that gives you an immediate recognition.
    • Broad segment of students (VIII, IX, X, XI, XII studying and XII passed students).
    • A meticulously designed system to enable centres to run effectively.
    • Quality coaching experience aiming to fulfil demand supply gap.
    • Regular centre visits by experienced faculty members and administrative staff.
    • Detailed operation manuals and intensive training to impart the required skill set and test preparatory business understanding.
    • An honest, dedicated and transparent approach, which forms the soul of our relationship  with any business partner. Systematic recruitment and training programs for faculty members, which facilitate scalable growth while maintaining quality across our  Pathfinder centres.
    • Academic and Pedagogy support through vast accumulation of products and services through classroom, online and distance coaching centred as per the needs of the students.
    • From time to time we undertake various corporate advertising and marketing campaigns to increase our brand awareness.
    • Technology and legal support.

    Operational Aspects

    All the courses conducted at our franchisee centre would be exactly same as those conducted by PATHFINDER at the Kolkata centre. This includes the Infrastructure, the course material & emphatically the Lecture Presentation.

    For all the courses, PATHFINDER will provide the following assistance

    • Training of Faculties.
    • Provision of study material for students including Tablet.
    • Lecture wise power point slides to be shown on LCD projector in classroom.
    • Lecture wise notes & workbook for students.
    • Special Courses at the end of the course.
    • Common query and answers handbooks for instructors.
    • Regulars visit by experts of PATHFINDER to monitor performance and provide further assistance.

    Franchisee Advantages

    Pathfinder has grown from a single centre and currently operates 40+ centres network.

    Join us as our partner in our journey of aiming towards success if you have

    • A will to succeed.
    • Relevant skills and attitude to grow.
    • Ideas that can change the face of the Industry
    • Experience and knowledge in the Test Preparatory Industry

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