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    A Topper’s Secret Cheatbook to Ace Any Examination

    May 10 2022 | by Author Pathfinder

    Ajay and Atul are cousin brothers. There is an age gap of 8 years between the siblings. There are lots of similarities between them. But one arena where they are different is studies. Atul, the elder cousin, has always been a scholar throughout his life. He has successfully topped almost every examination he has sat in. But Ajay‌ was a hard working mediocre student.

    But the enviable track record of his elder sibling always made his performance look trivial. So, one day Ajay visited Atul and ask for the secret formula to success. Luckily, we eavesdropped and have brought the following pearls of wisdom for you:

    #1. Understand the Syllabus

    To successfully ace any examination, you need to have a good grasp of the syllabus. You must checkout the topics to be covered, and the weightage allocated to each of these. This will help you strategize better and work on your weaknesses to emerge stronger.

    #2. Create a Preparation Timetable

    Classify the topics you need to cover on the basis of their difficulty level and the time you need to cover them. This will help you plan better and avoid wastage of time. It will also give you positive momentum when you fill down.

    #3. Understand the Concepts

    Do not ‌memorize the theories. Instead, try to understand the same. Understanding will help you keep better. But, there are certain things that you need to memorize. In these cases, you can apply mnemonics to memorize better. Do not forget to have sufficient sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise, as these will help your mind and body perform better.

    #4. Practice is Important

    There is no alternative to practice if you want to succeed. The more you practice, the greater your chances of success become.

    So, the best strategy would be to create a daily timetable where you set aside time for varied activities. So, you can allocate some time to your daily routine for practice. Regular practice will make you proficient and help you have a better grasp of concepts.

    #5. Learn Time Management

    The art of managing time is the key to success in every aspect of life. Time management becomes critically important during a time-bound competitive examination. Being able to manage the ‌time can help you ace the examination.

    Again, practice is the key to learning and honing time management skills. You need to practice mock tests and previous year’s papers in a time-bound manner to succeed. Pathfinder publishes one good mock test series that you can avail yourself of for the purpose.

    #6. Active Lifestyle

    Having a healthy body and mind is equally important for success. To achieve this, you need to follow a strict diet plan, have an ample amount of sleep, and practice yoga or meditation. Yoga can help increase your concentration and relax your stressed nerves- helping you perform better.

    #7. Minimize Social Media

    Social media is a menace that every student should avoid. These are time-killing machines and can distract you from your preparation. So, the best strategy is to switch off yourself from all social media channels during the journey.

    Final Word

    Ajay quickly went home, applied these strategies religiously, and saw a drastic improvement in his performance. So, do not procrastinate. If Atul and Ajay can. So can you. Just follow the above steps and see your performance improve.


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