PNTSE: Life-Changing Scholarship Exam 2023 is Here!
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    PNTSE 2023: Life-Changing Scholarship Exam

    Jul 31 2023 | by Author Pathfinder

    Your dreams can become true with the right Scholarship Exam, which will not only help you financially but open a horizon of new possibilities. Pathfinder understands that and has been working hard for more than a decade to give the best education to every corner of the country. Pathfinder National Talent Search Examination or better known as PNTSE has been providing scholarships to the nation’s hidden talent since 2011. Today, we will discuss how you can be a part of the PNTSE Scholarship Exam 2023.

    An Overview of the PNTSE Scholarship Exam 2023

    As stated before, PNTSE started in 2011 as an initiative to search for talented learners who are held back due to economic constraints. But Pathfinder sees even a bigger goal, which is to lay a path to dream big, to go beyond the monetary issues or average goals. What Pathfinder for the last 12 years has been doing, is to make talented young minds stand out in all-India competitive examinations. For Pathfinder’s founder, Mr. Debdutta Sreemany, the mantra has always been “Start Early, Stay Ahead.” Therefore, to leave a mark on all kinds of competitive examinations, making the basics strong is absolutely necessary. Hence, the PNTSE Scholarship examination aims to give a test of what it feels like to give an all-India competitive examination. Letting the young learners know and experience competitive examination, and providing a foundation for growth, is what PNTSE is all about.

    Learn how PNTSE Scholarship Programme 2023 can change your life!

    PNTSE’s inception was to bring the students of West Bengal to the forefront among the country’s rising toppers. But as time went by, Pathfinder started to branch out, the goal was not limited to a regional area but became more student-centric. Our syllabus, and exam pattern are modelled after all-India competitive exams. Therefore, the appearing student will get a taste of some of the most important exams in India. Moreover, we understand human psychology and hence, bestow rewards to the best performers.

    PNTSE 2023 Scholarship Examination Benefits

    Hard work always reaps great rewards, this is something we have always believed in and followed. Throughout the years Pathfinder has awarded the excellent toppers of the PNTSE exam for scholarship. But this year, Pathfinder wants to go above and beyond, with over 2 million registrations;

    1. This year we are providing up to an unbelievable amount of ₹ 5 Crores of Scholarships to the toppers of PNTSE 2023.
    2. Moreover, Pathfinder will provide the top performers with cash rewards!
    3. Along with that, the toppers will be awarded a Tab or Smartphone for better online education.
    4. But what is important the most, the toppers will get a chance to visit top IITs or AIIMS. This will enrich their minds and show them their probable futures as Engineers or Doctors.

    How to Register for Pathfinder National Talent Search Exam (PNTSE) Scholarship 2023

    Online RegistrationOffline Registration
    1. Verify your mobile number: Enter your mobile number to receive OTP1. Visit the nearest Pathfinder Centre: Get the offline registration form
    2. Submit your details: Fill out the online registration form and submit2. Submit your details: Fill out the offline registration form and submit
    3. Registration Fees: Pay the fees to get the registration number3. Registration Fees: Pay the fees to get the registration number
    4. Registration Successful: Get the brochure for further details4. Registration Successful: Get the brochure for further details
    PNTSE 2023 Scholarship Examination
    Click on the image to register

    PNTSE 2023 Exam Pattern and Date

    Pathfinder conducts an MCQ pattern examination for 100 questions. Negative marking is not implemented into the exam so the young candidates will not feel pressurized. The exam is taken for classes 6 to 10, and it is conducted by Pathfinder’s Foundation Department. This year PNTSE will take place in two phases:

    Phase 1Phase 2
    Class XClass VI-IX
    Exam Date – 27th August 2023Exam Date – 8th October 2023

    PNTSE Scholarship 2023 Exam Syllabus

    • Type of questions: MCQ for Class VI-X
    • Total Questions: 40 questions for each subject carrying 2 marks (No negative marking)
      • Physics: 10
      • Chemistry: 10
      • Mathematics: 10
      • Biology: 10
    • Total marks: 80 and Duration: 1 Hour

    CLASS-VI Syllabus

    PHYSICS: Measurement/ Magnet/ Light & Shadow/ Motion/Energy
    CHEMISTRY: Matter/ Elements and Compounds and Mixtures/ Physical and Chemical Change/ Water
    MATHEMATICS: Integers, Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers/ Factors and Multiples/ Fractions and Decimals Ratio, Proportion and Unitary Method/ Profit and Loss/ Fundamental Concept of Algebra/ Fundamental Geometrical Concept/ Mensuration – Perimeter and Area
    BIOLOGY: Life on Earth/ Classification of the Living World/ Classification of Plants/ Classification of Animals/ Structures and Functions of different plant parts/ Soil Health and Hygiene/ Our Environment/ Food

    CLASS-VII Syllabus

    PHYSICS: Atmosphere/ Solar System/ Gravitation/ Light (Reflection) and Shadow
    CHEMISTRY: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures/ Matter Physical and Chemical Changes/ Acid, Base and Salt/ Hydrogen/ Water/ Components of Air and Air Pollution
    MATHEMATICS: Integer and its Properties/ Fractions and Decimals/ Square and Square Roots/ Ratio and Proportion/ Algebraic Expression and Exponents/ Simple Equations/ Geometry – Lines & Angles/ Triangles/ Perimeter and Area-Triangle and Quadrilaterals
    BIOLOGY: Nutrition in Plants and Animals/ Respiration in Plants and Animals/ Plant/ Morphology, Pollination, Germination/ Forests and Medicinal Plants/ Pollution and Global Environmental Change/ Waste Water Story

    CLASS-VIII Syllabus

    PHYSICS: Force/ Pressure/ Sound/ Heat and Temperature/ Electricity (Upto Ohm’s Law)/ Magnet
    CHEMISTRY: Structure of Atom/ Periodic Properties/ Chemical Bonding/ Oxidation-Reduction & Chemical Reactions/ Metals and Non-Metals/ Electrolysis/ Carbon and its Compounds/ Fuels Combustion and Flame
    MATHEMATICS: Rational & Irrational Numbers/ Polynomials and Factorisation/ Algebraical identities and Application/ Linear Equation in One or Two Variables/ Geometry-Triangles and Quadrilaterals/ Basic Concept of Graph/ Statistics
    BIOLOGY: Cell and Microscopy/ Diseases-Causative Agents and Preventive Measures/ Population and Health Organisations/ Endocrine System & Adolescence/ Natural Resources: Conservation and Management/ Transpiration/ Crop Production and Management

    CLASS-IX Syllabus

    PHYSICS: Motion/ Newton’s Laws of Motion/ Work, Energy, Gravitation/ Light (Reflection and Refraction)
    CHEMISTRY: Mole Concept/ Atomic Structure/ Acids, Bases, and Salts/ Solution/ Water/ Electrolysis
    MATHEMATICS: Simultaneous Linear Equation/ Indices, Surds, Logarithm/ Coordinate Geometry/ Geometry- Triangles/ Geometry-Quadrilaterals/ Mensuration – Triangles & Quadrilaterals/ Mensuration – Circles
    BIOLOGY: The Chemical Basis of Life: Biomolecules/ Tissues/ Nutrition/ Respiration/ Conduction in Plants/ Circulation in Animals/ Diversity in Living Organisms

    CLASS-X Syllabus

    PHYSICS: Force/ Work Power Energy/ Current Electricity/ Magnetic Effect on Current/ Light (Lense) Modern Physics
    CHEMISTRY: Mole Concept and Stoichiometry/ Atomic Structure/ Periodic Properties/ Chemical Bonding/ Redox Reactions/ Organic Chemistry
    MATHEMATICS: Simultaneous Linear Equation/ Quadratic Equation/ Trigonometry/ Heights and Distance/ Linear Inequations/ Geometry-Circles/ Mensuration -Solids
    BIOLOGY: Cell Division/ Reproduction in Plants and Animals/ Control and Coordination/ Heredity and Genetic Disorders/ Movement and Locomotion Adaptation and Evolution/ Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Pollution

    Foundation for Dreaming Big

    Pathfinder understood that in order to crack and rank higher in the national competitive exams, starting early is very important. This led to the establishment of Foundation department in Pathfinder. The main objective is to provide exceptional education which will mould young learners better suited for national exams. The class structure and curriculum are set following various competitive exams. So, when the time comes, they will be fully ready for the examinations. Additionally, Foundation Programme makes the aspirants ready for various Science Olympiad exams. This helps them to rank in the Olympiad examinations which in turn helps them to rank in both Board and National competitive exams. Foundation programme embodies our Founder’s motto, “Start Early, Stay Ahead”.

    A New Journey Ahead

    In an extremely competitive world, a budding talent can get lost pretty easily. Pathfinder for the last 12 years has been on the mission to identify those talents. Moreover, PNTSE has always been structured around national Competitive exams, so the candidates can experience the Path ahead before they even get started. Pathfinder calls upon every aspirant to come and register for Pathfinder PNTSE 2023 Scholarship examination to be a part of something bigger than they have ever imagined!

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